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Hi everyone.

Today I post my 10 favorite sharecash guides. What's the difference to all the other sharecash guides? Well, there are a lot of them on youtube and other platforms, and they all are saying, that they found the unique breathtaking to make money with sharecash. - That's bullshit.

There is no big secret, the concept is easy. They are just using many methods! The really successful people don't use only one or two methods, no mostly 4,5 or 6! Moreover they don't have only one niche per method.

Maybe that sounds a bit dauntingly but you have to know, I spoke about the professionals.
If you only have 1 probably 2 methods you could easily make 50$ and more month, if you have luck(I had once) and you find a very good niche, you can make around 100$/month with one method.

(My opinion)


  • a little creativity - you can find inspiration sources into the guides
  • patience
  • you must want it
         and the most important thing
  • you need effort - more effort means more money
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly incoming
  • After that money without doing anyhting
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